– Tows and pushes trailers, trucks, airport trolleys and caravans with ease

CLICK HERE to view unit in action
CLICK HERE to view unit in action
CLICK HERE to view unit in action

– Due to small footprint, the steering and adjustable tiller head, it is very maneuverable and is ideal for work in narrow spaces

– Power drive allows users to manoeuvre the unit and load with no manual effort

– Key start controls provides security for others in a public area and prevents untrained staff using unit

– Unit can be used outdoors and hosed down, all electrics are sealed

– Back off button means the unit will stop and move away from user if button is activated, avoiding damage to unit and safety for user

– Adjustable tiller handle allows ergonomic position for all personnel

– Automatic park brake ensures unit is held stationary, even on ramps

– Standby mode activates if no activity for 5 minutes, saving the batteries

– Dual paddle control allows ease of use with left or right hands

– 3 wheel design handles uneven surfaces better than other designs

– 24V electric motor

– Optional large variety of hitches available including innovative automatic lifting and coupling system with an electric actuator making hook up operations simple and fast