STOCKMASTER TRACKER PRO PLATFORM LADDER 40SM-T03 - 40SM-T04 - 40SM-T05 - 40SM-T06 - 40SM-T07 - 40SM-T08 - 40SM-T09 - 40SM-T10 - 40SM-T11 - 40SM-T12 - 40SM-T13 - 40SM-T14 - 40SM-AUTOGATE - 40SM-ROTAGATE

– Stockmaster Tracker Pro is the all-terrain mobile work platform

– Has 2 x large diameter wheels making it easy to move over sealed and unsealed surfaces or slopes

– Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

– A single control to steer and brake makes it fast and easy to move around

– To raise the unit to the mobile position take hold of the control and to move to the job

– Release the control and the Tracker returns automatically to the stationary mode where it is braked and totally stable

– Stockmaster Tracker Proprotects against accidentally stepping off the front of the platform with the fully automatic Stockmaster Auto Gate – your hands are fee to carry an item and still maintain a safe grip as you enter or leave the work space

– Also supplied with the Tracker Pro is the Stockmaster Rota Gate which provides a gateway at the side of the platform creating easy access for stock-picking, inspection and many other tasks

– Units meet or exceed all the requirements of the Australian / NZ standard AS/NZS 1892.1:1996

– Optional safety platform gate and platform side gate available