Safetech Manual Stretch Film Easy Wrapper E/M3 - EX/M3 - EX1/M3 - EW2WSBASA - S3PKIT - S3PKITB

– Stretch wrappers are effective at preventing back strain and injury

– Manual versions ideal for wrapping less than 10 pallets per day

– Decrease the costs of stretch film by reducing the amount of film needed to contain load

– Designed and manufactured in Australia

– Use with forklift (for pallet trucks use Lo-Wrapper model)

– Turntable height 110mm

– These wrappers provide a motorised rotating turntable and a mast carriage carrying the film that is operated manually

– Safetech manual wrappers use a counter balanced mast to make the manual raising and lowering of the carriage easy

– Quick release lever to disengage film tension

– Options include; soft start or variable speed, 3 phase motor and low-voltage controls, kit to allow hand rolls to be used