ROTACASTER OMNI MULTI-DIRECTIONAL WHEELS R2-0484-6501 - R2-0484-9001 - R2-0484-9901 - R2-0484-6512 - R2-0484-9012 - R2-0484-9912 -R2-0484-6561 - R2-0484-9061 - R2-0484-9961 - R2-0484-65/MF - R2-0484-90/MF – R2-0484-99/MF - R2-0484-65/MC04 - R2-0484-90/MC04 - R2-0484-99/MC04 - R2-0484-65/MC07 - R2-0484-90/MC07 - R2-0484-99/MC07 - R2-0484-65/MC11 - R2-0484-90/MC11 - R2-0484-99/MC11

– Constructed with a fully injection moulded body of super tough engineering plastics and integrated polyurethane rollers, Rotacaster multidirectional wheels have no seams, joints or inserted pins

– Unlike traditional conveyor wheels or conveyor skate wheels, the Rotacaster’s omni directional wheels and heavy duty design means easy movement of items in any direction

– Simple mounting options make them easy to adapt to existing systems and injection moulded cup mounts provide the perfect alternative to a ball transfer unit

– Multi-directional rollers offer the freedom of movement in all directions

– Available in zinc plated fixed steel fork

– Available in polymer cup in various clearance sizes