Powered Lift & Centre Drive Trolley ULTIMATE – ULTIMATELITE

– Powered lift and powered drive trolley

– Centre drive wheels ideal for confined spaces

– Ideal for transporting heavy loads & lift load with push button feature

– Scissor lift deck will raise the deck to ideal height required

– No licence required – easy to use by staff

– Power drive allows users to easily manoeuvre the unit & load with minimal manual effort

– Transaxle drive – no maintenance, all units are sealed in an oil bath with no chain

– Key start controls provide security for others in a public area

– Back off button allows the unit to move away from user if button is activated

– Automatic park brake ensures unit is safely held in place whilst stationary, even on ramps

– If unit is disabled you can override the park brake to get to a serviceable area

– Dual paddle control allows easy use with either left or right hands

– Plug and play design means no lengthy downtime, all parts are easily replaced