FORKLIFT EXTENSION SLIPPERS FE1-16 - FE1-18 - FE1-21 - FE1-24 - FE2-16 - FE2-18 - FE2-21 - FE2-24 - FE3-16 - FE3-18 - FE3-21 FE3-24 - FE3-30 - FE4-18 - FE4-21 - FE4-24 -FE4-30

– Fork extension slippers have been designed with a slim profile to extend versatility of forklift

– Designed and manufactured in accordance with AS2359.15

– Slippers used for general usage should be no longer than 167% of the supporting tine’s length

– If slippers are longer than 167% then the usage of those slippers shall be restricted to their specified application

– Made of high tensile grade steel

– Supplied with toggle locking pins

– Fully certified complete with all required compliance documents, instruction manuals and detailed compliance plate supplied with unit