CURVED PVC GRAVITY CONVEYORS 90PVC3079 - 90PVC30158 - 90PVC4679 - 90PVC46158 - 90PVC6079 - 90PVC60158 - 45PVC3079 - 45PVC30158 - 45PVC4679 - 45PVC46158 - 45PVC6079 - 45PVC60158 - RHS-30 - RHS-46 - RHS-60 - PIP-30 - PIP-46 - PIP-60

– Gravity roller conveyor is normally used where the cost of powered conveyor is generally unjustifiable and where the use of free gravity forces will allow the product to move freely along the conveyor

– 45 and 90 degree curves are stocked as standard

– Standard radius on all curves is 1220mm (measured to the inside vertical face of the outer frame)

– All curved conveyors can be supplied with fixed or adjustable side guides

– Standard frames are supplied in a “hammer tone” blue spray painted finish (galvanised and stainless steel frames are also available on request)

– Standard PVC rollers 50.8mm diameter (25kg capacity), one end is a D shape whilst the other is round, allowing for easy replacement of damaged rollers

– Optional supports are available, pipe stand style and RHS Stand style, providing adjustment from 600 – 1000mm to “Top of Roller”

– Optional RHS supports are bolted to the underside of the conveyor frame via a smiley (crescent) plate, this plate allows for angular alignment during installation

– Optional pipe stands are also available for economy or for applications where the conveyor may be moved on a frequent basis, curves always require 2 stands for correct stability