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  • 17Aug

    What is a Powered Drive Wheel

    • August 17, 2018
    • admin

    A powered industrial wheel is an innovative way to move heavy loads effectively and efficiently. The motor and wheel are integrated into one unit to avoid complicated installation. Units typically include an acceleration handle, a battery pack and charger and a control unit. Powered drive wheels can be mounted underneath existing trolleys or integrated into new trolleys. A powered drive system effectively adds a fixed castor to the centre, front or back of the trolley. A system that retracts when not in use gives trolleys added manoeuvrability, which is especially useful when parking.

    Here are some of the benefits of choosing a powered wheel for your application.

    Powered Drive Wheels Can Move Heavy Loads

    A single powered drive wheel can move loads of up to 400 kg. Adding a second wheel effectively doubles the overall load/tow rating, allowing loads of 800 kg to be moved with ease.

    Powered drive wheels work well in combination with non-powered castors by enabling equipment to manoeuvre easily in tight spaces. Equipment that has more than one powered wheel can utilise tank steering using two control handles, allowing wheels to move in different directions for added manoeuvrability. The drive wheels can also be linked to a single controller where the wheels drive in tandem.

    Suspension Improves Rollability Over Uneven Surfaces

    Powered drive wheels can come with their own suspension system, which consists of a suitably sized spring. This allows the wheel to move up and down when needed to ensure the wheel is always in contact with the ground, giving excellent rollability over uneven surfaces. This is not common on all drive systems but will greatly enhance the driving experience.

    Motors Reduce the Risk of Injury

    A common term used when choosing a trolley is ‘push/pull force’. This is the amount of force required to get a trolley moving. There is a significant difference between the force needed to get a load moving and that needed to keep it moving. Worksafe has strict guidelines on the amount of force required before an aid, such as a motor drive, is required.

    Using an electrically powered wheel on equipment designated for heavy loads gets loads moving without any physical exertion. This helps to minimises the risk of injury to employees and create a stress-free working environment.

    Ease of Use Increases Productivity and Efficiency

    The logistics involved in moving extremely heavy loads can often be time consuming, stressful and expensive. Using a powered drive system gives added flexibility to your existing equipment and makes moving heavy loads straightforward and easy. Having equipment ready to go and a plan already in place means heavy loads can be moved quickly and efficiently. Employees are more productive as they can move loads without additional planning and physical effort.

    Tente’s Innovative e-Drive

    If you regularly need to move heavy loads, a powered wheel provides a simple answer and brings additional flexibility, efficiency and safety to your working environment.

    Check out our innovative motorised wheel e-drive for a comprehensive demonstration of how a powered wheel can help you.